Finding and following financial bloggers is a great way to get a steady dose of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to personal finances. Every generation has its own set of struggles when it comes to money management, so we have chosen to highlight five of our favourite Canadian voices.

Jessica Moorhouse
Formerly blogging as Mo’Money Mo’Houses from Vancouver, Jessica Moorhouse and her husband are now in Toronto. Originally following a career path in film, she abruptly changed course and is now a successful public blogger. She provides tips and advice with the motto of ‘Money. Life. Balance.’ Via the blog, podcasts, and YouTube videos. With 11K+ followers on Twitter and entertaining videos, she makes learning about finances fun.

Young and Thrifty
The two millennials behind this financial blog have a motto of ‘Friends don’t let friends be financially illiterate.’ Kyle Provost and Justin Bouchard are based in Manitoba and provide an understanding of personal finance from a Generation Y perspective. They embrace common sense and believe financial literacy should be taught at a young age. Their website is a haven of information and their book ‘More Money for Beer and Textbooks’ shares their journey of navigating through their post-secondary education to graduating with no debt while enjoying frosty beverages along the way.

Boomer and Echo
A financial blog voiced by the unlikely Mother and Son team of Marie Engen and Robb Engen (who write from Lethbridge) with two unique perspectives – that of the Baby Boomer mom and a Millenial son with a new family. These two financial bloggers believe in financial freedom at any age and blog about starting with smart ideas on saving, investing, mortgages and debt management.

Give Me Back My Five Bucks
Krystal Yee in based in Vancouver, obsessed with budgeting and co-founder of the upcoming Canadian Personal Finance Conference in Toronto. Her website is an entertaining journey through the personal finances of a young couple who enjoying living in one of the most expensive cities in Canada. Started in 2007, when her love of spending caught up with her, Krystal blogs about she dug herself out of the mountain of debt she had accrued. Besides posts on budgeting, investing, savings and real estate, she also throws in a post or two about being frugal, smart shopping, fitness and fashion.

Money After Graduation
Bridget Eastgaard started ‘Money After Graduation’ when she was broke and living with $20K of student loan debt. This Calgarian financial blogger is on a mission to make millennials rich and is passing on information to help readers reach their financial goals. With her catch phrase of ‘It’s time to cash in your financial reality check’, this graduate of the school of hard knocks passes on useful information and resources that even the absolute beginner at stock market investing can understand.

There is an abundance of money and finance bloggers on the internet so why not choose a Canadian voice to guide you through the muddy waters of debt as it applies to you? These 5 all have well-organized and helpful sites with free resources and numerous ways to get your information. Whether you are a Twitter fiend or a podcast junkie, chose your information vehicle and get yourself on the right track to financial independence!


Helen Siwak is Editor-in-Chief of BLUSHVancouver & EcoLuvLux Lifestyle Blog | Lifestyle contributor to Daily Hive (VancityBuzz) | West Coast contributor to Retail-Insider | contributing writer for Marble Financial.