People Matter At Marble

You can only make an impact at a company if you find the right one. You want to be sure it’s somewhere where your talent and energy will go toward doing what matters most in life, not just getting by or being successful but truly thriving – so that is why finding team members worth investing ourselves in has always been important for us.

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Our Commitment: A Place Where People Enjoy Working

We believe that everyone has the right to be compensated fairly and competitively for their contributions. That’s why we offer competitive salaries and benefits. And we don’t just recognise your professional accomplishments – we also know that you are a whole person with a life outside of work. That’s why we provide opportunities for personal growth and development, and support you in pursuing your passions outside of work.

At Mable, you’ll meet some of your favourite coworkers and friends. We encourage you to show up as your full self at work, and create an inclusive environment where everyone can feel comfortable and supported.

Our values

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