To all our clients, partners, shareholders and community,

At a time of such uncertainty, the Company wants to take this opportunity on behalf of the Team at Marble, to share our support and update on our approach surrounding COVID-19.

Our first responsibility and priority is for the health and safety of our staff. Marble is following the protocols advised by our leadership in Government and Health. We quickly implemented a work-from-home policy to promote social distancing and curtail the communal spread of this virus. To ensure the safety of our staff and work-place community, this policy will remain in effect for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, we are a technology company and can conduct business as usual through videoconferencing and electronic means, allowing us for continuity of our business operations to be performed as well as can be expected.

We have implemented a Deferred Payment Relief Program for any of our valued TPFM Fast Track customers that have been put into further financial difficulty through job loss, self-quarantine and/ or health issues as a result of COVID-19. Existing customers that have Creditor Insurance as part of their Fast Track obligations to Marble will be able to apply for the benefits associated with this program.

We are implementing a new adjudication protocol for our Fast Track consumer proposal exit loan due to current market dynamics and economic uncertainties. The recent adjudication protocol is being spearheaded by Jason Wang, Credit Governance and Data Analytics Advisor to the Company. Marble is also in discussions with several debt capital providers for the purposes of securing a meaningful debt facility that will enable Fast Track to continue to provide positive credit improvement for the foreseeable future.

“Marble’s proprietary technology and personal finance platform are specifically designed to assist credit-challenged Canadians towards a path of financial well-being” states Karim Nanji, CEO of Marble. “Our strategy and products are targeted towards assisting Canadians that make up the multi-billion-dollar subprime industry – both during and after this period of financial instability.”

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 and the associated impacts to our economy, many Canadian consumers are focusing on Personal Finance, Budgeting & Credit Wellness. Canadians are looking for thought leadership and tools that will help their financial well-being during this crisis and thereafter. With the launch earlier this year of it’s SaaS finance and credit management platform, Score-Up, Marble has renewed its focus, energy and resources in getting Score-Up into the hands of as many Canadians as possible in an affordable and cost-effective manner.

Accordingly, we are accelerating enhancements and improvements in our personal finance and credit boosting technology platform for when we pull through this crisis. Marble is seeing record growth in Score-up subscriptions over the past month since the COVID-19 outbreak in Canada. We remain optimistic that Marble will be the credit wellness platform that can help our customers through this crisis and well into the future.

We want to take this time to thank our customers, employees, vendors and partners for their continued support and trust. We would also like to give an even bigger thank you to all the essential service workers that are putting in great feats of selfless work to control this outbreak. Thank you!

Let’s flatten the curve together. We look forward to stronger relationships on the other side of all this.

Stay safe and healthy.


Karim Nanji, CEO

About Marble Financial Inc. (CSE: MRBL; OTCQB: MRBLF) We are a group of forward-thinking financial technology experts that fully understand the benefits and drawbacks of credit in Canada. Marble helps Canadians boost their credit to gain access to prime lending, through our industry-leading proprietary technology solutions Fast- Track, Score-Up, and Credit-Meds. Our proven strategy guides our customers back to a meaningful credit score, 50% quicker than traditional methods. Since 2016, Marble is proud to have empowered thousands of Canadians to a positive financial future and we continue to establish ourselves as leaders in financial wellness.