This month marks the 10th anniversary of Financial Literacy Month, which aims to encourage and celebrate the importance of financial education and inclusion for Canadians nationwide. Being financially literate gives people the confidence to make informed decisions about their personal finances. Most importantly, it also allows you to create a stable financial life. Therefore, financial literacy is required almost everywhere we go and everything we do, from budgeting on a reduced income to shopping at grocery stores.

What is Financial Literacy?

Financial literacy is the ability to understand and effectively use various financial skills. This includes personal finance, budgeting, investing and credit management. Firstly, if you want to make better decisions about your money and resources, you’ll need financial literacy. In addition, to improve your current situation, education is key. In short, financial literacy helps you see the bigger picture so that you can strive towards your money goals.

At Marble, we can’t understate how important we feel financial literacy is. When it comes to making financial decisions, having access to the right resources can help consumers avoid any negative outcomes. But if you don’t understand financial concepts, it can be tough to make the right decisions about your money. There are many pieces to the jigsaw of maintaining your money, and financial literacy is the first piece of the puzzle.

Personal Finance Education

Introducing Marble Maestro

From understanding the necessity of financial literacy, we are excited to introduce our educational platform. Marble Maestro is a financial literacy hub that will empower you to a positive financial future. Whether you’re looking to learn how you can utilize your monthly budget or trying to figure out how to tackle your debt. Above all, our educational courses can help you on your way to meet your goals.

Firstly, Maestro combines expert-curated educational content and skill testing quizzes to give you the power to have both a foundation in crucial financial knowledge and empowerment. Our educational platform aims to allow Canadians to better their finances and effectively utilize Marble’s personal finance and credit improvement platform, MyMarble and its current products, Score-Up, and Fast-Track. Maestro users will benefit from over 20 different courses across three core financial foundations, credit, budget, and debt management.

Marble Maestro courses are desktop and mobile-friendly, combining audio, video and text to appeal to all audiences. But most importantly, it’s at no monthly cost to Marble customers. Alongside this, Maestro will provide users with an easy-to-use and accessible space to access and learn about the key elements that make for a healthy financial life. Let us show you the breakdown of the Maestro courses and what you should expect on your journey to financial literacy.

Marble Maestro Courses


Credit is an important part of your financial life. Alongside this, it’s vital even when you’re looking to obtain a credit card, obtain a loan, or boost your credit score, understanding how credit works are essential. MyCredit aims to help you efficiently and effectively learn all about your credit and how it can benefit you in your financial life. This course has ten modules, each detailing different areas we feel are integral when managing your credit.

The course includes modules on how credit works, how to read a credit report, tips on how to improve your credit score, dealing with a credit crisis and much more. Each course includes an educational video, course literature, and to finish it off, a quiz to test your knowledge and to help ensure you’re learning as you go. To explore this course, visit our Maestro hub online here:



We recently conducted a survey and discovered that 72% of respondents did not know how to budget. It’s clean that many people understand that budgeting is essential to keep your finances in check. Above all, we’re often unsure where to start and how to create an effective budget. Because of this, Budgeting can help you track your spending and save money for a mortgage, education, emergencies and more.

Budgeting can be confusing, and especially when we’re unsure of exactly where to start. That’s why we created our MyBudget Maestro course. Our MyBudget course includes several modules that will help you kick-start your budget. This includes modules on creating a budget, how to track spending, how to create money goals and much more. Each course will include a video and a quiz at the end of each module to test your knowledge. To explore this course, visit our Maestro hub online here:



Debt isn’t easy and can often be accompanied by stress. According to Statistics Canada, Statistics Canada said credit market debt totalled $2.33 trillion at the end of the quarter, including $1.53 trillion in mortgage debt and $802.1 billion in consumer credit and non-mortgage loans. Debt is continuing to rise. Above all, it’s important to learn how to handle your debt effectively, so you can eventually eliminate it.

Here’s where our Maestro course MyDebt can help. This course will educate you on the best practices to take control of your money. Our MyDebt course includes modules on managing your debt, coping with debt stress, choosing the right debt management plan and much more. We believe MyDebt will help guide and educate you on the best way to manage your debt to encourage great financial health. This course includes a video for each module, alongside coursework and a quiz to help you test your knowledge. To explore this course, visit our Maestro hub online here:

Learn Through Our Educational Platform

Our Maestro courses make financial literacy and education easy, accessible and easily applicable to your own personal finances. Likewise, each module will provide you with a further understanding of your personal finances. Each course allows you to test your knowledge and understanding of our content. But here’s a bonus – you can go back and take our courses over and over again. Let Maestro by Marble guide you on your journey to a better financial future. In the meantime, don’t forget to visit the Maestro learning hub for all courses online here: