Finally! We’re excited to release the last part of our Personal Finance Sentiment Survey Results. Today, we are sharing with you a brand new survey topic where we ask Canadians about their financial wellness and mindfulness practices. When it comes to financial stress and worry, practicing mindfulness is beneficial. Ever feel burdened by the stress of paying down debt, refining your budget or trying to improve your credit score? Well, mindfulness may be the solution for you. (You can check out our Learn from Marble courses on Mindfulness here).

We can all agree that thinking about our financial situation can cause stress. Financial stress can often leave us unhappy and may even result in anxiety. At Marble, we want our customers to feel confident and in control of their finances. Indeed, that’s why it’s so important for us to understand how mindfulness plays a role in their financial life. In addition, our survey allows us to establish efficient and effective solutions, which in time helps alleviate financial worry, stress or judgement for our Community members.

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Looking after your financial wellness can help you work towards your goals. And at times, we may feel stress if we don’t have access to the right resources to help us achieve our dreams. Let us discover more about Financial Wellness & Mindfulness in Canada.

Results: Financial Wellness & Mindfulness in Canada – Personal Finance Sentiment Survey Results 2021

Achieving financial goals can boost your mood and promote a positive relationship with your money. When surveyed, 82% of Canadians confirmed they have financial goals. In contrast, only 65% of Canadians are currently working towards achieving their financial goals. Sometimes, it may be difficult to figure out where to start. Or maybe you may feel there aren’t enough resources available to assist you. When asked if Canadians felt they needed more support to achieve their financial goals, 65% agreed. This was followed by 54% of respondents feeling embarrassed by their financial situation.

When someone feels embarrassed, this can often cause stress and frustration. When we asked Canadians on a scale from 1 to 5 how stressed they were about their finances, 134 respondents picked 5 = very stressed. This shows the need for mindfulness and financial wellness solutions to help alleviate the burden of stress. Check out the full results below.


About the Personal Finance Sentiment Survey 2021

The Personal Finance Sentiment Survey measures Canadians’ attitudes toward their debt, credit score confidence, use of personal finance apps and websites, loans, insolvency and other personal finance-related topics. Conducted by Marble and updated yearly.

The latest data, representing the second Personal Finance Sentiment Survey, was compiled by Marble between July 31st 2021 to August 8th 2021. For this survey, a sample of 489 Canadians aged 18 years and over were surveyed.  All sample surveys and polls may be subject to other sources of error, including, but not limited to, coverage error and measurement error.