The new MyMarble Subscription Plans are here! We understand that it’s not always easy to reach your financial goals. And sometimes, starting your journey to better financial fitness can be the toughest step of them all. Not only that but if you are in a sticky financial situation, reaching your goals can be costly, time-consuming and stressful!

That’s why we are excited to announce the launch of our new MyMarble Subscription Plans!

We believe that every Canadian should have access to smart, sustainable and effective financial solutions, helping you achieve your goals, regardless of what stage you are in on your journey. And our new MyMarble Subscription Plans do just that! Whether you are only learning the basics when it comes to improving your financial wellness, or if you are already reaching new heights and becoming a money master, MyMarble has a plan that will help you thrive.

You can choose from four MyMarble subscription plans: Freemium, Basic, Pro and Premium. Whether you are looking to simply monitor your credit score and track your spending, or if you are ready to get specific recommendations on ways you improve your credit score and get out of debt, the fastest way possible, MyMarble’s financial technology solution can help. Each subscription plan is designed to suit you and the goals you want to achieve, allowing you to pick from different pricing options to improve your credit, get out of debt and master your budget. To complement your journey, we have also included our Maestro Financial Education Courses in each MyMarble subscription plan. Let’s take a look at the breakdown of what each MyMarble Subscription has to offer you.

Freemium – $FREE

Let’s say you’re just curious and looking to build the foundations of financial fitness. The Freemium Plan provides you with Beginner Recommendations to help you understand the basics of your finances and how you can best utilize MyMarble.


Basic – $9.99 per month

The Basic MyMarble Subscription plan is a level-up from our Beginner plan and includes our Intermediate Recommendations. Likewise, these recommendations dig a little deeper into your finances and provide you with more in-depth recommendations on what your next steps are to improve your financial fitness.

Pro – $19.99 per month

Are you looking to further grow your financial knowledge and wanting an extra push to reach your goals? It’s time to go Pro! The Pro Plan provides you with all the great features of our other plans. In addition, it includes Advanced Recommendations. These advanced recommendations provided even more detailed, prescriptive, personalized, and target-driven recommendations on what steps to take to increase your credit score and improve your financial wellness.

Premium – $29.99 per month 

Our MyMarble Premium Subscription Plan helps you to thrive in your financial fitness. Most importantly, it allows you to reach and broaden your goals in the fastest possible way. This plan includes all of our Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced recommendations to make sure you don’t miss a trick.

If you choose the MyMarble Premium Subscription Plan, you are provided with access to Score-Up. Score-Up is our financial technology solution that will help you increase your credit score, through point deduction technology. In addition, our leading technology allows you to work towards your desired credit score, within your budget. Score-Up allows you to create a target credit score based on your financial plans and credit history.

By utilizing our Point Deduction Technology©, point and budget simulators, our software analyzes your credit report to create a fast and clear path to build your credit score. Likewise, you can follow our monthly recommendations to make a positive impact on your credit score, giving you confidence for future financial events, all within your budget. In addition, Score-Up provides you with access to your credit report and allows you to track for errors and omissions.


Our MyMarble plans start monthly, but you can sign up for 3 months to save 10%, for 6 months to save 15% or yearly to save 25%! To find out more details about our MyMarble Subscription Plans, you can visit our website at now!