Meet Rich, a MyMarble Customer Review

Introducing Rich, a customer who joined in August 2020 with the goal to improve his credit score with MyMarble. Rich found MyMarble Premium (formally Score-Up) through a financial health website recommendation and then further researched both Marble and the Premium technology. Rich spoke with one of our Credit Experts, which led him to sign up for MyMarble Premium’s program that same day. Like many of our customers, MyMarbles’s excellent reputation and innovative technology attracted Rich. In addition, he was attracted to how our team had the skillset to help guide him in order to make his financial goals a reality. Let’s learn more about Rich’s MyMarble customer review.

“The Premium Score-Up service was intriguing, and its recommendations were exactly what I was looking for. Resolving credit/debt issues can be confusing for many, and a central, well-organized set of tools/recommendations was a huge plus”.


What is MyMarble Premium’s Score-Up?

Score-Up is now included with MyMarble Premium. The faster you improve your credit score, the sooner your financial goals become a reality. Score-Up provides you with access to our credit improvement technology. With Score-Up, there is no more guessing on how you to improve your credit score. You will be able to take advantage of Score-Up’s point deduction technology, points simulator, budget simulator and the credit report errors and omissions trackers.

The Problem

Rich approached MyMarble with the intention of learning more about credit, in order to best utilize his existing accounts. Rich mentioned that he was recovering from some significant changes in his personal life, combined with a history of poor financial decisions. Likewise, Rich had several delinquent accounts, various collection items, and no positive credit established. As a result, he had a difficult time getting approved for any financial product.

We conducted 2020 Sentiment Survey among our Marble customers and discovered that 69% of respondents have an existing loan, with most having more than one loan at the survey time. Following this data, it’s clear that many Canadians are actively obtaining loans, and to qualify for the best rates, it is essential to have a healthy credit score. Due to the extremely high-interest rates that one must pay when applying for financial assistance with a low credit score, consumers can often quickly default on their payments and rack up high credit card debt and excessive loan surcharges. This, of course, will continue to negatively impact one’s credit score.

From here, many Canadians may enter a destructive debt cycle, resulting in poor financial decisions and the inability to pay off certain debts. Many consumers seek debt consolidation loans to help eliminate their debt. To qualify for a debt consolidation loan, you’ll have to meet the lender’s minimum requirement. The mid-600 range is often the score needed to qualify, although some bad-credit lenders may accept scores as low as 580. We recommend before entering such an agreement that you improve your credit score for easier approval and better interest rates.


How Did Rich Improve His Credit Score?

Rich chose MyMarble’s Premium program as a solution to help him achieve his financial goals. These goals included learning more about credit to utilize his existing accounts and gaining access to our team of industry experts. As mentioned, Rich chose MyMarble Premium due to its customer focus and highlighted that the platform’s recommendations were what he was looking for. He was attracted to Score-Up’s tools and felt they would help him meet his financial goals. Rich mentioned:

“Centralized access to reporting, tools, recommendations, and a back-office staff that is easy to reach is exceptionally rare.”

Combining the technology, and the user-friendly interface, Rich continues to work towards his goals throughout his time on the program. He also closely follows Premium’s monthly recommendations to maximize the points he can gain. Depending on your unique financial profile, MyMarble’s Premium will recommend to you to pay off certain debts and exactly how much you need to be spending per month on each. In addition, MyMarble Premium will advise you to obtain a secured credit card, if necessary, and then advise on the best way to use it in order to gain maximum points.

“The website sign-up was easy and straightforward. I got a call from a MyMarble Expert at the same time to inform me about what it was I was getting, the services they provided, and how billing would function – everything I expected. Access to the tools I needed was provided on-time, without issues”


Did Rich Improve His Credit Score With MyMarble Premium? 

Rich joined MyMarble in August 2020 and has been an active member for five months. In the beginning, Rich approached MyMarble searching for a way to get his accounts in order. His credit score was 480, which is considered sub-prime and high risk.

As a result of closely following the recommendations provided by Premium, Rich has logged in to the software over 152 times, in just five months, to help reach his credit goals. His most recently updated credit score is 663 – this is an increase of 183 points. Above all, Rich had told us that he had no access to credit accounts when he first started on Score-Up. This was due to his low credit score. He worked towards these goals throughout the program and has finally begun achieving his financial goals. He did this by obtaining three new affordable credit accounts while on the program.

MyMarble also recommended to Rich to check if his credit report had any inaccuracies. Often, many consumers are unaware of the items on their credit reports that are negatively impacting their score. Rich spoke with one of our MyMarble Experts and discovered that he could dispute several claims on his report, which he did. As a result, Rich got these inaccuracies removed from his file within the first month of the program. This increased his credit score by 130 points.


How Did Rich Review MyMarble Premium? 

Rich mentioned that “I am way ahead of where I thought I would be, and my knowledge of credit and my situation have been hugely beneficial.” He felt pleasantly surprised with the “comprehensiveness of the recommendations,” which helped improve his financial profile. Finally, Rich found that the communication from the team assisted in the overall improvement of his situation. He felt confident that he could turn to us if he ever had any questions or concerns when discussing his MyMarble customer review.


What Would Rich Tell Others About Marble If They Have Never Heard Of Us Before?

“Trust them to help you through your goals. And to make you more aware of what you need to do now and in the future to maintain solid credit, and a better financial future. I’m glad I did.”


If you want to discover more about MyMarble Premium, sign-up for our platform today!  You can also sign-up for our Marble Maestro course which will show you how to navigate around the platform below! 


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