Introducing Ryan, MyMarble Premium Score-Up User

Introducing Ryan, a customer who joined MyMarble in May 2020. Ryan found MyMarble Premium’s Score-Up online when searching for credit improvement options and decided to sign-up after reading the online reviews. Let’s learn more about Ryan’s MyMarble customer review.

“I like to do business with companies that are truthful and who want to help. And the reviews from others make me feel more comfortable.”

Ryan picked MyMarble Premium’s Score-Up because of our credit-focused mission and our online reviews. Ryan felt these reviews were unbiased and truthful. He also discovered that many past customers said that Score-Up had improved their credit health, which was his main goal.

What is MyMarble Premium’s Score-Up?

Score-Up technology is now included with the MyMarble Premium subscription plan. The faster you improve your credit score, the sooner your financial goals become a reality. MyMarble Premium’s Score-Up provides you with access to our credit improvement technology. With Score-Up, there is no more guessing on how you to improve your credit score. You will be able to take advantage of Score-Up’s Point Deduction Technology©, points simulator, budget simulator and the credit report errors and omissions trackers.

The Problem

Ryan needed help increasing his credit score. He explained that he was actively looking for a program to help manage his debts. The ones he was applying for all had a minimum credit score requirement, which he did not meet. From there, Ryan joined Score-Up on May 30, 2020, to help increase his score. Ryan’s goal was to move from fair credit to good credit and learn exactly how his credit score works.

In Canada, a credit score ranges from 300-900. This three-digit number is calculated using your credit report and allows lenders or creditors to see how financially responsible you are. Just like Ryan, many Canadians face challenges when obtaining a loan or credit product when they have a low credit score. Most lenders have a minimum credit score requirement, which starts at around 650.

When faced with a credit score lower than average, consumers may experience rejection when applying for financial products. Alongside this, applying for credit, whether approved or rejected, can affect your credit score. Firstly, when you apply for a financial product, the lender needs to check your credit report. This is called a hard-pull consent. A hard-pull credit consent is logged in your credit history and negatively affects your credit score.

Secondly, it’s important to note that every time you’re denied credit for whatever reason, your credit score is negatively affected. Credit or loan rejection can pose a huge problem for consumers because the more you get turned down for credit, the harder it is to get approved again in the future. This highlights the importance of knowing your credit score and actively trying to improve it before applying for credit.


The Solution

To achieve his financial goals, Ryan signed up for MyMarble Premium’s Score-Up program. Ryan has closely followed the monthly recommendations on when he should pay off certain debts and how much he should be put towards those debts. He also found the simulators encouraging because they showed him exactly what he needed to do in order to reach his target score. Ryan described the system as being “smooth” and easy to use, which made working towards his goals more achievable.

MyMarble Premium’s Score-Up provides customers with unique recommendations on which specific actions to take to increase their credit score. Through the Recommendations Tab or the Points & Budget Simulator, customers will learn different ways to improve their scores. For example, if you want to achieve a credit score of 700, you put 700 in the Points Simulator and it will show you the path to reach this score.


The Results

When Ryan started MyMarble Premium’s Score-Up program, his credit score was 327. He has been an active member for nine months. Now, Ryan has a credit score of 404, with a gain of 77 points. He is well on his way to prime credit if he continues to engage regularly with the software and act upon the recommendations. When discussing with Ryan his results and what he has achieved so far, he mentioned:

“My knowledge and credit score increased, helping me make better financial decisions for the future.”

Many MyMarble users sign-up to help increase their chances of getting approved for either a loan or a credit card. In Ryan’s case, he was able to obtain a new credit card while on the Score-Up program and has been following the recommendations to fully utilize it. Ryan also discussed how using MyMarble Premium’s Score-Up has helped him make smarter decisions when applying for credit or searching for ways to save. Finally, it has enabled him to prioritize payments with his collection accounts.


What Would Ryan Tell Others About Marble If They Have Never Heard Of Us Before?

“If you’re struggling and want to boost your credit or you simply are just wanting more good items on your report, just do this program. It changes the way you see the credit. I highly recommend young people with no credit or bad credit to apply. Because the trade-off of just 50 a month makes a huge difference and can really help those start off their credit journey.”


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